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Brighter Than Babylon: A Queer as Folk RP's Journal
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Below are the 11 most recent journal entries recorded in Brighter Than Babylon: A Queer as Folk RP's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008
10:55 pm
OOC: *pokes with stick*
Is everybody very dead?

I know that I'm extremely forgetful, but if anybody's here and ready & willing, I actually want to RP. 

I'm actually in a pretty good mood right now.  I went to a Hanson concert yesterday.  *bounces*

Current Mood: hopeful
Friday, July 20th, 2007
12:49 pm
Conference Telephone Call (Ben/Michael)
Ben lay on the bed in his hotel room after a day of lecturing and being lectured to at the conference he had been invited to attend. He wished Michael was laying beside him, but he had to leave him in Pittsburgh as he couldn't get away from the store.

Ben picked up his phone and smiled. He dialed Michael's number and waited for him to pick up...
Sunday, July 8th, 2007
2:44 pm
At the loft, making phone calls. (Justin, Michael?) [Open]
The loft is empty. Justin sighs and throws his bag down onto the ground with a heavy thud. Brian was gone. He would be gone for an entire month "taking care of important business, Sunshine," he had said, hovering over Justin in bed.

"Fuck," Justin breathes. He hates being alone. Though, it's nothing new. Brian spends random weekends on business trips now and then. It is simply a matter of figuring out what to do with himself while Brian is away.

Justin walks to the fridge, hoping to find something other than beer and poppers, and is relieved to find a stocked fridge. It seems Brian doesn't want him half starved. Justin notices a note stuck to the fridge with a magnet telling him money's deposited in his account to pay the bills and for whatever else he needs while Brian's away.

Justin toys with the idea of not paying the electric bill - just to see the look of frustrated irritation on Brian's face when he comes home; but he's got days to make a decision.

He hates being alone.

Justin rummages around in his pockets for his cell phone and calls Michael. Maybe he and his husband would be gracious enough to let him join movie night or book club or whatever it is they do on Wednesday nights. Justin prays there's no tofu involved though. He wrinkles his nose at the thought as the phone rings in his ear. "Hey Michael, it's me," he says when Michael answers the phone.
Saturday, July 7th, 2007
2:52 pm
OOC: Leave of Absence
Alrighty, guys, we (the mods, that is) have some bad news. 

As you may or may not know, Emily and I are best friends in real life, and we are leaving for camp shortly. From today until Wednesday, we're not going to have Internet access (we'll be driving up to the camp), and the actual camp starts on the fifteenth. From Wednesday until the fifteenth, we may be able to get online, but once camp starts, we're going to be out of touch until August ninth. 

What that means is that we've thought really hard about a good way to get Brian and Daphne out of the picture for about a month, and here's what we've come up with. Daphne is away on a summer internship, and Brian is going on an extended business trip that may allow Kinnetik to form an additional branch in New York, so it's serious. In the meantime, you guys can powerplay Brian and Daphne to a certain extent -- you can act as them when it's necessary, but keep them in character, please. For example, don't go out of your way to do it, but if Justin really misses Brian, go ahead and call him. 

Anyways, the best of fun to you guys here at  brighterbabylon  while we're away, Sharp and Emily
9:37 am
The Novotny-Bruckner House (Ben, Hunter, Michael...eventually)
Ben walked home from the diner and up the front steps to the house. He was feeling inspired after his talk with Justin and couldn't wait to get inside and start writing again.

He opened the door and saw that the house was in darkness. "Michael is still probably out with Brian. Wonder where Hunter is though?" He thought as he unlocked the door and walked inside. He turned on the light, took off his coat and sat at the table. He pulled out his notebook and pencil and started to write.
Friday, July 6th, 2007
6:34 pm
OOC: Character Questions
This one's specifically for Brian:

Where is Brian living? The loft? Did he keep Britin or did he sell it - or could that be a plot point?

Thursday, July 5th, 2007
11:40 pm
Liberty Diner (Justin, Anyone) [Closed]
Justin sits in a booth alone sipping a warm coffee, his sketch pad open to a blank page, as he stares past the other patrons to the busy street outside. He looks for inspiration - that something that will trigger his muse and let lines spill onto the page. Instead, though, he sighs: All he's got is a blank piece of paper, and it's frustrating.

He pushes the coffee aside and picks up the pencil. As he watches he hopes for a distraction - any distraction that will let him close the sketchbook and stop thinking about its blank pages.
9:49 pm
OOC: We have a Ben!
Everyone, we have a Ben! Please welcome Megan, whose LJ is gauky_1976! I encourage you all to give her a warm welcome, just the same as I encourage you all to start RPing already!
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007
9:48 am
We begin... in Babylon, sitting at the bar

Brian downs his drink and glances around. He isn't looking for a trick, which is new, but comfortable. He doesn't feel like tricking now. He feels like grabbing Justin, shoving the kid on his lap, and taunting everyone who walks by. Unfortunately, he doesn't see Justin. He looks around for friends instead, trying to scan the crowd for a familiar face. But he doesn't want to get up and look around. It's been a long day, and he'd rather just wait for them to come to him. So he orders another drink and waits.

Monday, July 2nd, 2007
1:05 pm
OOC: A few quick things

Hey guys. Glad you all decided to join. I'm Emily, as you know, and I'm going to be one of your mods. I'll be playing Daphne. 

Before we start, which we should be doing tomorrow or later today, we need a few quick things. First off, Sharp and I will be making a chart of the names and contact information of all the players, so we need the following info: your name, who you're playing, your AIM, your email address, and your livejournal. If you're using a character journal (which we'd really prefer you didn't), give us your real journal too. 

Next, come on, guys. Pimp us out! As of yet, we only have a Brian, Justin, Michael, Hunter, Daphne, and maybe a Ben. If you know of other people who might want to join, tell them about us! We'd love to have more than just the essentials, so even if they can't dedicate a lot of time to our RP, at least they could join as minor characters. Or alternatively, if people want to dedicate a lot of time to our RP but feel like they'd be best playing one of the characters that doesn't have a whole lot of spotlight in the show, well, we can make spotlight. That's the point of RPing. So if you want to play, say, Chris Hobbs but you want a lot of plot, go for it. No one's stopping you from hitting your attention quota.

Lastly, we'd like it if people could make icons/banners/layouts for us. Neither Sharp nor I are particularly graphically talented, so if you think you can, go for it! Please!

That's all. Comment here, please. At least then we'll know some people are reading. Thanks! 


Saturday, June 30th, 2007
3:18 pm
Hello and welcome!
Hey, guys. I'm Sharp, and I'll be one of the maintainers of this community. Emily and I have some things to go over with you. 

First off, this is a Queer as Folk role-playing community. That means that if you want to join, you have to be involved in the role-play. Otherwise, if you just want to know what's going on, you can just read the posts. Members have to be active role-players. 

Next, obviously, welcome. We're glad to have you as part of our group. 

Thirdly, here's some info about how we role-play here. You don't need to create a new journal for your character. All you need is some userpics of your character (a minimum of one) so we know when you're in character. When you're not, like if you're just posting some questions, friends-lock your post to the community, use a non-character userpic, and put in the subject line the letters OOC, which stand for "out of character."

When we're role-playing, here's how we post. You go to make a new post and put in the subject line the time and place, as well as which characters are present (if you know). Write what your character is doing in sentence form. For example, since I play Brian, I would write: 

Subject: Brian, the loft, 9:00 PM
Brian walks through the kitchen and looks around for some bottled water

Easy. We're not looking for novels or essays here, so keep it short and sweet. Then, after your post is done, just post it, and in order to be interactive, people write comments. Example: 

Justin opens the door to the loft and enters. "Hey, Brian," he says, grinning broadly over something that happened today.

Another way of posting is something that does not take place in person, like an email. That's when you would write: 

Subject: Email to Justin

Email from: brian.kinney@kinnetik.org
Email to: jtaylor@pifa.edu

what's up? meet me at babylon tonight at 10.

Everything clear? Comment here if you have any questions, and once we get some more characters, let's get started!

-Sharp & Emily
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